Eat Local, Know Local: Vesuvio Bistro

Posted on Jul 10, 2016 by Yang, Carrie

Vesuvio Bistro in Little Rock is a local favorite and a must-try restaurant especially if you love Italian cuisine. Bill Criswell, owner of Vesuvio, has been in the restaurant industry since 1997 and has owned Vesuvio Bistro since 2009.

When did you start your restaurant business and how does it integrate into your life?

I started with great mentors, Santi Sacca and Rosario Patti at Belle Arti in Hot Springs. This is a passion for me. I run a successful financial planning business by day and serve pasta by night. I get to live both of my business dreams at the same time!

Why Italian?

My mentors were Italian. It’s all I know.

What is the most popular menu item and what is your personal favorite?

Hands down most popular and my favorite is Spaghetti Chittara. People love the 88lb wheel of cheese.

What is an item that new customers MUST try on your menu?

If you’re not having the Spaghetti Chittara, the lasagna is the way to go. It’s a standard and the best lasagna I’ve ever eaten!

Did you always know that you would become a restauranteur?

It started as a means to an end. I have tried to leave the business before, but it’s in your blood. You get drawn back in. It’s too much fun!

What’s something that you want your customers to know about your food and restaurant?

Our food is not fast food. We make each dish to order. We take our time, and each dish is made at the moment you order it.

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